How Do I Qualify?

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Citrus County

Step One: Pre-screening

Contact our office via telephone for a short pre-screening with one of our qualified medical marijuana staff members. During this process, we will discuss your medical conditions and the possibility of qualification for use of medical marijuana.  We will also discuss other preliminary objectives specific to your possible treatment using medical marijuana.  You may also choose to contact us via email or in person at Dr. Scott Redrick, MD’s office.

Phone: (352)564-8245
Email: [email protected]
Address: Citrus Medical Marijuana Clinic – 582 S.E. 7th Ave., Crystal River, FL  34429

Step Two: Make An Appointment

At your appointment, Dr. Redrick will discuss your medical condition that may qualify you for the Florida Medical Marijuana Program. After review and approval, qualified patients will receive a medical marijuana recommendation. The office of medical marijuana will then contact you via email to get your medical marijuana card.

Some qualifying conditions may require medical records from your diagnosing physician.  In such cases, Dr. Redrick will discuss the collection of these medical records. If you already have medical records, you can fax or mail them to us or simply bring them to your appointment, whichever is more convenient.

Fax records to: 1-352-564-8201
Email records to: [email protected]
Mail records toCitrus Medical Marijuana Clinic – 582 SE 7th Ave., Crystal River, FL 34429

Please note that insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana consultations or the state’s medical marijuana application fee.

Call 352-564-8245 to schedule your appointment today.