Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain.

By loretta January 8, 2019

Chronic Pain is an incredibly common health issue that affects a significant part of our population. Chronic pain can be described as any pain that lasts for a long time (usually 12 weeks or longer). The pain ranges in severity from a dull nuisance to debilitating agony. While mild chronic pain can typically be treated with relatively benign medication, more severe cases are often treated with prescription opiates. While these opiates are very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, they are also highly addictive and are associated with many negative side effects. For this reason it is no wonder physicians and individuals alike are turning to Medical Marijuana as an alternative to prescription opiates as part of a Chronic pain treatment plan. While research on Medical Marijuana as an analgesic is not completely understood, it is believed that its efficacy is explained through the endocannabinoid system which may play a role in how the body manages pain. While more research is needed, it is believed that medical marijuana is an effective -and more importantly, safer- treatment for chronic pain. Dr. Redrick is a registered Medical Marijuana physician in Florida and has evaluated excellent results with his patients. 

If you are struggling to manage your chronic pain we may be able to help!  The first step toward medical marijuana treatment is to locate a physician who is registered by the state to recommend Medical Marijuana, like Dr. Scott Redrick.  Not all physicians are credentialed in Florida for Medical Marijuana.  The second step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Redrick.  This consultation can be scheduled directly from our website or by calling us directly at (352)564-8245.  During the initial consultation you will meet with Dr. Redrick and discuss your symptoms, diagnosis, and decide if you qualify for Medical marijuana.  The initial consultation takes just a few minutes.  Once we establish that you qualify according to the state of Florida for Medical Marijuana, Dr. Redrick will enter a recommendation for you.  From that point, you just log in on the medical marijuana registry, complete the prompts and the state will send you a card.  The final step is to go to a dispensary of your choice (Trulieve is one option) and get your order filled.

Our patients at Citrus Medical Marijuana Clinic are experiencing a decrease in chronic pain after starting treatment with Medical Marijuana.  Often times, Chronic pain causes insomnia or some kind of disruption in sleep patterns which is particularly problematic and Medical Marijuana seems to help significantly with this.  If you are suffering with Chronic pain or if you know someone who is, Medical Marijuana may be an excellent treatment option.  Give us a call to learn more or to schedule an appointment at (352)564-8245


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Theresa says

How expensive is the visits and the prescriptions? I'm disabled on SSI and I'm sure my insurance won't pay for it. This was one major reason I have never looked into it but maybe I can start saving if I had an idea on the costs for the whole treatment. Thanks for your time in this.

sharon clayton says

How much does it cost for visit and card